How Businesses Are Using Aerial View to Drive Conversions and Increase Engagement

From exploring new neighborhoods to finding parking spots, people often use Google Maps to scout out an area. Google Map Platform’s Aerial View takes this one step further by providing photorealistic 3D videos of buildings, landmarks, and other points of interest so viewers can get a better feel for a place before going there in person.

Businesses can use Aerial View to help people familiarize themselves with nearby tourist attractions, find the best routes to their favorite retail locations, and explore bird’s-eye views of rental properties. After learning that 50% of renters were looking for properties in a new zip code, Rent. started using Aerial View to help people explore new neighborhoods remotely, and it is now one of the top five most-engaged-with pieces of content on their property detail pages.

Read our whitepaper to learn how businesses can use Aerial View to help differentiate themselves, show what a location is like, and turn interested viewers into visitors who become paying customers.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • "How Aerial View can help users make informed, location-based decisions by getting to know an area virtually
  • How businesses like Rent. are using Aerial View to increase customer engagement
  • How you can use Aerial View to drive conversions, results, and customer loyalty

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