Industry focus: Unlocking value with location data

How market leaders use geospatial data to drive business value

Customers today expect highly relevant, location-aware experiences, delivered without a hitch. Learn how leading companies use location data to boost customer satisfaction, sales, and operations.

Over 95% of executives agree that geospatial data plays a key role in business today. Yet many companies still have work to do in unlocking true value from geospatial data.

In a joint research study, Boston Consulting Group surveyed more than 500 executives on the what, why, and how of location data. The key findings are summarized in quick 8-minute videos covering the following industries:

  • Retail and ecommerce
  • Financial services
  • Logistics and delivery
  • Real estate
  • Travel and tourism

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  • What are the popular use cases when using location data within each industry
  • How location data is used for customer-facing to operational tasks
  • How leaders measure the success of integrating geospatial data in business processes and customer experiences

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