Detecting fraud and driving customers to ATMs and bank branches

Elevating the financial services customer journey Google Maps Platform

With the rising trend of bigger and more sophisticated scams against financial services targets, many organizations are looking to geospatial intelligence as a key capability in their arsenal against fraud.

With Google Maps Platform, suspicious activity like large ATM withdrawals can be verified as they happen by requesting confirmation via the customer’s phone and making sure that the phone’s location matches the location of the ATM.

In this third installment in our whitepaper series, you’ll learn how solutions like Distance Matrix and Branch & ATM Locator Plus help limit fraudulent transactions for you and your customers, while making it easier for them to find the resources they need.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

  • How banks can use Distance Matrix to ensure the person accessing their account at an ATM is at that location.
  • Using geospatial intelligence to gauge the physical distance between transactions.
  • Maintaining relationships with customers despite moving from branch-based to online banking.

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