Mapping the future

We’re looking back at 15 years of mapping, discovering new ways to change how the world moves, and helping businesses like yours. Here, you can learn about what’s next — new paths created by machine learning, insights from data, and more.

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Charting the course

We are using AI and real-world data to solve today’s business challenges and create tomorrow’s opportunities. See what leaders of the latest innovations have to say.

15 years and beyond

Gayathri Rajan, VP and General Manager of Google Maps Platform, shares our vision for new innovations to help your business.

15 years and beyond

We’ve been innovating with businesses like yours for over 15 years. Now, we’re forging a new path that allows us to innovate responsively, develop solutions for critical business needs across various industries, and build products for everyone.

Because we understand that your business is evolving just as quickly as the world around it, we want to continue to innovate with you. We’re committed to building products and features that address your feedback while staying ahead of the curve to deliver what you need for the future. We’re here to help you not just maintain your business, but transform it.

Gayathri Rajan
VP and General Manager
Map the world

Andrew Lookingbill, Engineering Director for Google Maps, discusses how the world’s data creates maps that drive the real world forward.

Map the world

Google Maps is a microcosm of many of the most interesting problems in computer science, with all the scope, scale, and complexity of the real world. Even after 15 years, we’re still excited about building geospatial data solutions that keep up with the real world.

We want to provide our customers with the most accurate and reliable location data and insights to power their businesses, transform operations, and reimagine industries. It’s all made possible by combining machine learning with billions of Street View images, more than 1,000 authoritative data sources, tens of millions of customer and business contributions daily, and information about more than 200 million places worldwide.

Andrew Lookingbill
Engineering Director
Product innovation

Kelton Lynn, Product Director for Google Maps Platform, announces three new tools for customization, showing local context, and building real-world games.

Product innovation

After hearing your input, we're excited to share three new innovations built to help you best serve customers and grow your business.

We heard that understanding what’s around a certain location could help your customers make booking and purchasing decisions. That’s why we launched Local Context – a way to provide richer, more engaging mapping experiences for your customers. Read about Local Context on the blog.

You told us you wanted more customization tools to tailor mapping experiences for specific industries and customer needs. So, we launched a set of new Maps styling features for more options. Read about Maps customization on the blog.

We also got feedback asking for visualization tools to bring data to life in new ways. So, we made our real-world gaming solution available to everyone. Read about our gaming solution on the blog.

Kelton Lynn
Product Director
See what’s new

Now, you have new ways to engage customers. You can easily customize maps, integrate local context, and bring the real world into games.

Local Context
Easily integrate local information into your maps

Keep customers on your web app and help them confidently make quick purchase decisions with Google's rich, local information.

Maps customization
Conveniently customize your maps

New customization options make it easy to create the best map for your business.

Gaming solution
Bring the real world into your games

Now, anyone can create immersive game environments based on real-world buildings, roads, parks, and more.

Race against
real-time data

In this game, you’ll draw a delivery route, then
race against a vehicle powered by Google Cloud
AI and Google Maps Platform.

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