Optimizing Fleets Across the Last Mile Experience

Learn how Google can help you deliver real-time insight and control to fleet managers.

Keeping a fleet operating at peak efficiency has always been complex, and as the popularity of ecommerce continues to rise, the challenge is only growing deeper. To adapt, managers need deeper insights, more capable tools, and smooth integration with existing solutions.

Optimizing a fleet’s performance remains among the most complex challenges in the world of last mile delivery. But recent decades have seen the flourishing of a wide range of solutions, and the cloud era has made them more accessible than ever. Today, keeping an entire fleet operating at peak performance is within reach for organizations at every scale.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

  • The factors that play into the optimization of an individual route
  • The power of advanced routing solvers for optimization across a fleet
  • The role of cloud-based logging and analytics in boosting performance over time

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