New advanced routing and map customization capabilities

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Eco-friendly routing (available soon)
With eco-friendly routing, you can measure fuel consumption data and make more sustainable choices. The new feature allows you to select engine type for more accurate fuel consumption estimations, and to easily evaluate the trade-offs between a default route and an eco-friendly route. Eco-friendly routing is a feature of the new Routes API.

A representative mock up that shows an eco-friendly route, along with estimated fuel savings

New Routes API (available now in preview)
The new performance optimized version of the Directions and Distance Matrix APIs help your users find the ideal way to get from A to Z with comprehensive, global routing data and real-time traffic. And new advanced features help you improve ETA accuracy, access 2-wheel routes, estimate tolls, and give you more fine-tuned controls over routes. Visit our documentation to get started.

A representative mock up showing a 2-wheel motorized vehicle route with toll data

Address Validation API (available soon)
Address Validation helps you improve sign-up, checkout, and delivery with more reliable addresses. You can identify invalid address components, fix errors, and enrich addresses with missing data. Having Address Validation in place improves user experiences by removing friction at account sign-up or checkout, and saves time and money for your business.

Address Validation identifies address components and verifies that the address exists

Advanced Markers for JavaScript (available soon)
Make markers your own. Advanced Markers helps you create highly customized, faster performance markers that provide a richer user experience, showcase your brand and save developer time and resources.

Advanced Markers created with custom HTML elements

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