From routing us to our favorite restaurants to enabling us to purchase items online, geospatial data helps businesses worldwide simplify consumers’ day-to-day experiences. Businesses are also harnessing the power of geospatial data to improve internal operations, and increase customer loyalty and engagement.

Oxford Economics surveyed 1,000 business executives worldwide to understand what kind of impact geospatial services have on their businesses. The executives surveyed see geospatial services as an important tool that helps them meet high-level goals like increasing the quality of products or services and improving operational efficiency—both of which were cited as priorities by more than half of the respondents (54% and 52%, respectively).

This think piece provides a comprehensive overview of how businesses can use geospatial data to drive business success in 2023 and beyond. In this think piece, you’ll learn:

  • How executives are using geospatial data to make better decisions and improve operational efficiencies
  • How geospatial services can help your company improve financial outcomes and optimize operations further down the supply chain
  • How your company can use geospatial services to create better customer experiences

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