Charting a More Sustainable Future with Geospatial Services

According to a survey of 1,000 business executives conducted by Oxford Economics, Investments in geospatial services have increased tenfold, from 3.5% invested in 2013 or earlier to 38% by 2017 or later. Many businesses are currently using geospatial services to drive corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives, and the decision is paying off. In addition, 90% of those who either agreed or disagreed with a statement about the impact of geospatial services on their sustainability initiatives, say they are already seeing sustainability benefits from using these applications.

The recent think piece provides an in-depth look at how businesses can use geospatial capabilities to create more sustainable business models and chart a better path forward.

In this think piece, you’ll learn:

  • How geospatial services are helping businesses meet sustainability initiatives such as renewable energy and carbon outputs
  • Which industry has most readily implemented geospatial services in at least some capacity and how that decision is paying off
  • Tips and takeaways that will help your business chart a more sustainable path forward

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